Dating and Covid: Would you date someone who is not vaccinated ?


Would you date someone who refuses to get vaccinated? An unfortunate reality and a common question being asked in todays society.

With the implementation of restrictions imposed on the “unvaccinated”, such as travelling, attending venues, events and dining in at restaurants, dating has become much more complicated. For someone who is single, meeting new people and dating has become somewhat difficult, if not impossible. 

Arika – a 26-year-old, “I think people have a choice not to get vaccinated — and that’s fine. But  I have a choice, not to date people who aren’t vaccinated too. On dating apps, you could never know how honest  people are. What if someone has had COVID before or has actually been exposed to someone with COVID but doesn’t tell you?”

“If I’m fully vaccinated, I think it’s completely fine to casually date someone unvaccinated because it’s not like we would travel together anyway. However, if I’m in a long-term partnership and my  partner refuses to get vaccinated, I run the risk of losing my partner to COVID if he was ever exposed to the virus.”

“Personally,  I’d prefer not to date someone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated. To me, sharing the same views on different aspects of healthcare — whether  it’s mental, sexual or general — with my partner is important. After  all, I wouldn’t sleep with someone new without some sort of protection,  and if they weren’t on the same page as me on this, I’d hightail it out  of the bedroom. Plus, with all the possible upcoming regulations  around cross border travel, dining, and more, it just makes even more  sense to date someone with the same lifestyle privileges once we’re both  fully vaccinated.”

These types of comments and views are rapidly increasing within the “vaccinated” community. More and more people continue to discriminate against Individuals that have refused to subject themselves to the Covid-19 injection.  

In many cases, vaccinated individuals are refusing to date, or in some cases even associate with someone that is not “vaccinated” simply out of an unhealthy fear of transition of the virus. 

Recently, some of the major and well known dating applications such as Bumble have provided the option for their members to identify their vaccination status on their profiles. In many of these dating platforms this has proven ineffective as an increase in hate messages were reported by some of the “unvaccinated” users for identifying themselves as unvaccinated.

Due to the current social environment, an online dating and social media platform was recently created for those that have refused the injection. was recently launched in efforts to connect like minded individuals in hopes of uniting singles with common core values and ideals.

Within 5 days of its launch, their Instagram account was suspended, and the application was denied for download from Google and the Apple App Store.