Biker Convoy to Ottawa – Over 10K Bikers are expected to attend


This event is organized by the group “Rolling Thunder”, over 10k motorcycles are expected to be in Ottawa this weekend, April 29 and 30, 2022. 

This peaceful assembly as protected and lawful under the Canadian Bill of Rights and Freedoms, is in opposition of all remaining federal mandates and restrictions, as well as to raise awareness about unlawful actions imposed on the Canadian people. 

From Canada far and wide, peaceful Canadians will be in attendance to show their support. 

Motorcyclists from the USA are also reported to be on route to join in this lawful and peaceful gathering.

The Line Canada is in full support and will be in attendance. In support of the movement, draw the Line Resistance Symbol. 

Resist Tyranny and Oppression, Hold The Line, Draw The Line!  

Attached are images of the convoy routes for motorcycle riders. If you ride a motorcycle, the following are meetup locations to join the ride to Ottawa.